From the family

It is our observation that a finely constructed guitar makes a tremendous difference in how well an individual plays, as does practice, patience and some natural talent. Our Creator, has placed a bit of HIS creative nature in each of us. We hope you will find that the instrument we have crafted for you is a thing of great beauty, offers fantastic sounds, has great intonations and accurate in the tones and notes it produces. Furthermore, it will be a blessing to us that both the one who plays, and those who hear, receive the joy of experiencing the wonderful sounds, rhythms, and harmonies of music in ways that GOD intended ~ for our souls, spirits, and very beings to soar.

About Us

(From left: Jon, Kevin and Erick)

David Miller

Waldron Instruments, Inc started as all good business do...with one person's passion becoming a full time obsession. Kevin Waldron built his first piece of furniture around 1970, a hexagon coffee table with turned post legs and one shelf on the bottom, stained coffee brown. Since that first project, Kevin's love for real wood has grown to the point that he now has over 15,000 square feet, on a 3 acre complex, dedicated to bringing the best quality pieces to you. Luthier is somewhat new to our product line as we began in 2009. We immediately began applying our 38 plus years of knowledge of wood working into the business of producing quality instruments and parts. We are now able to offer the same dedication and passion as we have done with our furniture and wood products in the instruments and related products that we now produce and offer.

Kevin's sons, Jon and Erick have been working for the family business for as long as they can recall. They too, share Kevin's love and talent for this art.

It's not often that you find people who love music and are meticulous, but we the creators of the Waldron guitar are just that.

The three of us, Kevin (we call him dad), Jon and Erick, sought out the perfect sound for our family gatherings. David Miller (my middle daughter, Meriam's husband) has joined us as well (he is overseeing the violin making). Our enter family loves to sing and play and a quest for the perfect sound eventually led us to our own wood shop and the music that has resulted from that mission has been life changing.

We are no strangers to woodworking. With more than 60 combined years of experience, what was once our hobby has become our business. We have a reputation for creating a perfect guitar with "work of art" beauty and quality with a clear and balanced sound. All of our guitars from concept to finished product are produced in-house.

We would not put our name on anything that was not constructed with our highest quality craftsmanship.

Choose from one of our many styles or we can help you customize your own. We want you to love your Waldron guitar as much as we love ours.