MS Fret Board 24.90 Construction Aid Notched

[Fret Bd Notched Const. Template Guitar]


code FBSC-MSE2-4900
model Fret Bd Notched Const. Template Guitar
weight 4.00 pounds
length 38 inches
width 4 inches
height 4 inches
Available Qty 9999
MS Fret Board 24.90 Construction Aid Notched (Photo's may be example only)

How to use fret board construction aid: You begin by finding fret board material of appropriate rough size that is fairly well dressed to finished dimensions.......... draw a center line down the material or at least to either end. Now attach the fret board to the appropriate scale using double sided tape or small amounts of hot glue using the center line on the template aid ....align with the center lines drawn on the fret board ( it will make a difference as to the saw you are using.......