Acoustic Guitar Templates

It is not surprising that most modern (last 100 years) steel string guitars are similar to a dreadnaught / OOO pattern. You will find that many dimensions are not critical in your construction of various instruments. Keep in mind what is pleasing to the eye is more important than following exacting dimensions. We have made every effort to offer instrument templates that are pleasing to the eye and offer good sound as well as construction methods along with dimensions to support such. You will find that each wood will offer different tonal qualities and that designs do effect sound. While I personally may like one sound better than another, much of how an instrument sounds is up to interpretation and personal likes and dislikes. We got involved with building and making these jigs because we loved music and needed these for our own instrument builds.

If your not happy with your first instrument then try again and again as you strive for the sound that you want....... Chances are you want stop with just one instrument. Blessings as you begin this exciting journey and love.

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