Necks & Fret Boards


All standard necks are made from seasoned Mahogany or Spanish cedar and are carved by hand and or cnc so that subtle changes can be made to suit the individual player's style. The width of the nut may be specified by the customer to duplicate the feel of your favorite neck. Custom options might include walnut , cherry, or osage orange necks. The necks are reinforced with a two-way adjustable truss rod and are fairly slim and fast with quick low action. The playing surface of the finger board (fret board) has a tapered radius (usually 16 degree) that begins at the nut and continues towards the sound hole. All of this adds up to stable neck which plays with minimum effort.

Fingerboards (Fret Boards) are made from solid ebony or Indian rosewood with white side dot markers. The standard fingerboard is not bound. Standard scale is 25.52" but other scales can be selected


Ebony or Rosewood in a traditional slope side style bridge is standard to give that vintage look. Ebony bridge pins and a bone saddle along with a bone nut are standard.