Placing an order

In order to secure a place on the build schedule Waldron Instruments Inc. require a non-refundable $500 deposit and an initial specification of the model, options and appointments. Upon receiving these Waldron Instruments will issue a letter of confirmation that confirms the order and locks in the price. At this time Waldron Instruments will submit for your knowledge an approximate timeline of when construction will begin and when you may expect the instrument to be completed. Once you receive conformation that thefont instrument is started 50% of the cost is due less the $500 deposit. Should no monies be received within 45 days from the date of of the confirmation letter then this instrument shall not be built and the initial deposit of $500 shall be forfeited. All sells are considered binding upon signing and funding according to schedule both upon the buyer and the seller. Final payment shall be received prior to instrument being shipped. Instrument shall be considered the property of Waldron Instrument Inc. until the unit has been placed in the care of the shipper and Waldron Instruments Inc. will bear the liability of replacement or refund until the unit has left the facility. In the event of fire, water damage, acts of GOD or other Waldron Instruments Inc. will only be responsible for replacing original agreed upon expended amount.


Upon receipt and clearance of your final payment, your guitar will be shipped the safest and most efficient way. Quoted instrument prices do not include shipping, insurance, taxes or handling charges. These fees will be in addition to the final purchase price of the instrument. Payment can be made by cash, check, paypal, credit card or money order.